10 Best Monk Magic Items in Pathfinder (Common & Uncommon)

The monk crept through the fortress, her footsteps light, and silent. Her cloak of elvenkind made her invisible to the guards. She had been sent on a mission to assassinate the enemy commander.

When she reached the commander’s chamber, she found him asleep in his bed. She drew her dagger and was about to strike when she heard a voice in her head.

“Do not kill him,” the voice said. “He is not your enemy.” 

Magic items are a crucial part of Pathfinder and can make or break a character. They can provide valuable bonuses to stats and abilities and are often the only thing standing between victory and defeat. In fact, some situations and monsters require the use of magic items.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best magic items for monks in Pathfinder.

This list includes common and uncommon items that will help you get the most out of your character. 

Of Monks and Magic

Monks are a versatile class, capable of filling multiple roles in a party. They can be frontline fighters, dealing incredible amounts of damage with their bare hands, or stealthy rogues, moving silently through the shadows to strike at their enemies from the darkness.

In addition, monks can be wise and learned scholars, using their wisdom to solve problems and advise their allies.

No matter what role you want your monk to fill, there are a few essential magic items that every Pathfinder monk should have. 

We’ve listed a few magic items for Pathfinder monks essential to developing a well-rounded and powerful character below.

TypeLevelPrice (gp)Usage
Wolf Fang Talisman14Affixed to armor
Cloak of Elvenkind7360Worn cloak
Goggles of Night5150Worn eyepiece
Boots of Bounding7340Worn shoes
Ventriloquist’s Ring360Worn
Handwraps of Mighty Blows235Worn gloves
Diplomat’s Badge5125Worn
Ring of Sustenance7325Worn
Belt of Giant’s Strength1715,000Worn belt
Headband of Inspired Wisdom1715,000Worn circlet

Wolf Fang Talisman

This talisman consists of a canine tooth bound in a strip of leather. Activating this talisman grants wearers the ability to deal bludgeoning damage whenever they trip a target.

With their superior fighting skills, monks are often some of Pathfinder’s most powerful melee combatants. A monk’s unarmed strikes can deal a significant amount of damage, and their speed and agility allow them to avoid being hit by most attacks.

Tripping an enemy can be a great way to control the battlefield. With the wolf fang talisman, you can deal extra damage when you trip a target, making it easier to take down your enemies. Use this item to hold your own in melee situations.

Handwraps of Mighty Blows

These gloves are a superb choice for monks because they improve the wearer’s unarmed damage. They are also relatively inexpensive and easy to find.

Wearing these hand wraps will imbue your unarmed strikes with magical energy and give you a +1 item bonus to unarmed attacks. The powerful rune magic in these wraps also increases your damage output, allowing you to double the damage you do with your fists. 

Runes can be etched upon the handwraps just like any other weapon, allowing players to enhance these gloves further. Treat these handwraps as a melee weapon for these purposes.

Goggles of Night

Despite their name, the goggles of night do not grant the wearer the ability to see in the dark. However, they are still beneficial for monks.

The dark crystal lenses in these goggles enhance your sight, granting you a +1 item bonus to vision-based perception checks. This is a perfect bonus for monks who want to act as the eyes of the party, whether they’re on look-out duty on seeking hidden objects.

Diplomat’s Badge

Everyone knows that monks can fight, but the best martial artists don’t rely on their fists to win battles. A monk’s greatest ally is the art of deception. 

Of all the magic items on this list, the diplomat’s badge is the most versatile. It allows you to boost your skills in diplomacy, which is invaluable for a monk who relies on persuasion to get what they want. Use this badge to charm your enemies and talk your way out of hairy situations.

Cloak of Elvenkind

When it comes to magic items, there are few as useful as the cloak of elvenkind. This seemingly simple article of clothing provides a number of benefits to the wearer, making it an important part of any monk’s arsenal.

Some of the most obvious advantages of the cloak are its ability to conceal the wearer and its power to grant them a measure of protection from the elements. The cloak’s ability to muffle sound is also a great asset, allowing the wearer to move about undetected. 

In addition, the cloak of elvenkind also grants the wearer numerous magical abilities. For example, by drawing the cloak’s hood, you gain the effects of an invisibility spell. 

With a cloak of elvenkind on your shoulders, you can move through the world unseen and unheard, giving you a huge advantage in combat and stealth situations.

The only drawback of the cloak is its price tag, but if you can afford it, it’s definitely worth the investment.

Ring of Sustenance 

This ring prevents you from feeling hungry, thirsty, or tired and allows you to function without food or water. 

With a ring of sustenance, you can go days or even weeks without eating or drinking, allowing you to focus on the path ahead. This ring is perfect for monks who want to focus on their training and meditation without worrying about mundane needs like food and water. 

The ring of sustenance also works well for those who feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Once you’ve invested in this ring, you’ll only need two hours of sleep to feel fully rested. 

Ventriloquist’s Ring

Engraved with tiny songbirds, this attractive ring grants its wearer a +1 item bonus to deception checks. 

By twisting the ventriloquist’s ring around their finger, a monk can also gain the effects of the ventriloquism spell, allowing them to throw their voice magically. Throwing your voice can confuse or entertain NPCs, fellow players, or enemies. 

Players can use this effect once per day. 

Boots of Bounding

Boots of bounding have springy soles that provide excellent cushioning. These sturdy boots make an already agile monk’s steps even lighter and swifter. 

Characters wearing boots of bounding receive a +5-foot item bonus to speed and a +2 item bonus to athletic checks for high and long jumps. 

These boots also enhance the leap action. Characters taking the leap action while wearing boots of bounding can move 3 feet higher vertically and 5 feet further horizontally.

Belt of Giant Strength

A belt of giant strength is an ideal item for any monk looking to increase their strength. Wearing this belt will increase your strength by +2 and give you a significant boost to athletics checks.

The belt of giant strength also has several other benefits, including the ability to lift heavy objects. This belt also makes it harder for you to be the target of thrown rock attacks. 

If you’re looking for a way to increase your strength, this is the optimal item.

Headband of Inspired Wisdom

A headband of inspired wisdom is the ideal item for a monk who wants to increase their mental prowess. This headband will increase your wisdom by +2, giving you a significant boost to all wisdom-based skills.

In addition to increasing your wisdom, the headband of inspired wisdom also gives you resistance to confusion. With this headband, your mind will stay clear even in the midst of chaos. 

Lastly, this headband enhances your instincts, allowing you to gain the effects of an augury spell, giving you powerful insights into future events.

Mind over Matter: Roleplaying

The path of the monk is one of discipline and inner strength. To reach true enlightenment, a monk must be open to new ideas and different ways of thinking. The best monks see the world through the eyes of their enemies and use that knowledge to their advantage.

When it comes to playing a monk in Pathfinder, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First, your unarmed attacks will always be your bread and butter so you need to find ways to increase your damage output, whether through feats or magic items.

Second, always remember that your martial arts skills are your greatest asset and use them to your advantage in every situation, whether fighting monsters or solving puzzles. 

And finally, a monk should never be afraid to show off their skills to impress NPCs and get them on your side.

The Way of the Monk

The Pathfinder monk is a flexible class that can fill many roles in a group. With the right gear, monks can be stealthy rogues, wise and learned scholars, or frontline fighters. No matter how you play your monk, having the right magic items will help you succeed. 

Of course, there are many other great magic items out there for monks. Keep your eyes peeled during your adventures, and you’re sure to find something worthwhile. So get out there and start adventuring! And if you need any more help with Pathfinder, check out our other articles for more helpful tips.