Best Reach Weapons in Pathfinder RPG

Amon, a trained monk, was walking through the forest on a routine journey when he came across a group of bandits. The bandits saw Amon and immediately attacked! The bandits had swords and knives, while Amon had only his bo staff.

As the bandits closed in, Amon lashed out with terrifying ferocity, swinging his staff like a whirlwind. Despite their numbers, the bandits were no match for him. He defeated them easily and continued on his journey.

A reach weapon allows you to strike at foes that are not adjacent to you. This can be incredibly useful in combat, allowing you to keep enemies at a distance while still being able to attack.

There are a variety of reach weapons available in Pathfinder RPG, and choosing the right one can make all the difference.

Reach Weapon Trait Mechanics

Reach: This weapon is long and can be used to attack creatures up to 10 feet away instead of only adjacent creatures. For creatures that already have reach with the limb or limbs that wield the weapon, the weapon increases their reach by 5 feet.

Source: Core Rulebook pg. 283

What Are Reach Weapons?

Some weapons extend the reach of whoever wields them. Weapons with the reach trait can be used to attack creatures that are multiple squares away.

Pathfinder has a variety of reach weapons available. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to choose the right one for your character.

Reach weapons are a great way to keep enemies at a distance while still being able to damage them. However, they also have some disadvantages. For example, reach weapons are often more difficult to use than other weapons.

How to Use a Reach Weapon

All melee attacks rely on your character’s reach. Most players will only be able to attack enemies that are five feet away from them. This is because the reach of most weapons isn’t longer than five feet, or one square.

Reach weapons are longer than most weapons, which is why they can be used to attack creatures up to 10 feet away instead of only adjacent creatures. Imagine swinging a spear compared to swinging a short sword and the range you would get with each to better understand the idea. 

For creatures that already have long limbs, wielding a reach weapon increases their reach by 5 feet.

Choosing a Reach Weapon

The first thing to consider when choosing a reach weapon is what type of damage you want to deal. Reach weapons come in a variety of types, including bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing. 

Each type of damage is effective against different kinds of armor, so you’ll want to choose a weapon that is effective against the armor your enemies are wearing.

If you’re looking for a reach weapon that deals a lot of damage, then you’ll want to choose a two-handed weapon. Two-handed reach weapons are heavier than one-handed weapons, so they can pack quite a punch. 

Glaives and halberds are both good choices for two-handed reach weapons. Players looking for something more lightweight, on the other hand, should try a bo staff or even a whip!

Reach Weapons List

There are many different reach weapons available in Pathfinder RPG. Some of the most popular ones include the bo staff, longspear, and halberd.

Each reach weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some are better at piercing armor, while others are better at slashing through enemies. Choose the right reach weapon for the job, and you’ll be able to take down even the most powerful foes.

Common weapons with Reach

  • Bo Staff
  • Fauchard
  • Glaive
  • Guisarme
  • Halberd
  • Kusarigama
  • Longspear
  • Whip

Bo Staff

The bo staff is a long, slender reach weapon that is well balanced and easy to control. It’s ideal for fighting multiple opponents, as the extra reach can help you fend them off.


The glaive is a large, two-handed reach weapon that is perfect for cutting through enemy ranks. It features a long, single-edge blade that is perfect for delivering lethal strikes.


The halberd is a powerful reach weapon that can be used for both chopping and thrusting. It’s ideal for taking down heavily armored foes, as the blade can penetrate even the thickest armor.


The spear is a great choice for piercing through enemy armor. It’s also a good choice for fighting larger enemies, as the extra reach can help you keep them at bay.


The whip is a long, flexible reach weapon that can be used to entangle and trip foes. It’s also useful for disarming opponents, as the whip can wrap around their weapons and pull them away.

Weapon NamePriceDamageHandsGroupTraits
Bo Staff2 sp1d8 B2ClubMonk, parry, reach, trip
Fauchard1 gp, 2 sp1d8 S2PolearmDeadly d8, reach, sweep, trip
Glaive1 gp1d8 S2PolearmDeadly d8, forceful, reach
Guisarme2 gp1d10 S2PolearmReach, trip
Halberd2 gp1d10 P2PolearmReach, versatile S
Horsechopper9 sp1d8 S2PolearmGoblin, reach, trip, versatile P
Whip1 sp1d4 S1FlailDisarm, finesse, nonlethal, reach, trip

Creatures with Reach

Creatures in Pathfinder come in all shapes and sizes. Large creatures take up more space than small ones and typically have a longer reach as well. Truly massive creatures can attack you from 15 or even 20 feet away! 

Use the size and reach table to determine the length of a creature’s reach. Most creatures have the same tall and long reach, meaning they can reach vertically the same distance as they can reach horizontally.

However, some large, huge, and gargantuan creatures have more vertical than horizontal reach.

Size and Reach

SizeSpaceReach (Tall)Reach (Long)
TinyLess than 5 feet0 feet0 feet
Small5 feet5 feet5 feet
Medium5 feet5 feet5 feet
Large10 feet10 feet5 feet
Huge15 feet15 feet10 feet
Gargantuan20 feet or more20 feet 15 feet

Source: Core Rulebook, pg 474


Trolls are a type of giant in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. They are characterized by their immense size, regenerative abilities, and wild tempers. Trolls can be found in many different environments, from temperate forests to arctic tundras.

Because trolls can be anywhere from 12 to 16 feet tall, these monsters have an extended reach. They often use brute force attacks, relying on their powerful jaws and claws to defeat their opponents. What’s worse, trolls can use their long reach to score attacks of opportunity.

And because trolls can regenerate, they’re difficult to take down even for veteran adventurers. The only sure-fire way to kill a troll is to burn it. 


While they are not as intelligent as some other giants, ogres are still deadly foes. They often work together in groups, using their size and strength to overwhelm their enemies.

Brutish and standing over 10 feet tall, ogres are violent and dangerous. If you find yourself face-to-face with one of these creatures, be warned. An Ogre’s hook attack has a reach of ten feet and they often carry javelins for making ranged attacks.

Feats and Abilities

Some abilities pair well with reach weapons, allowing you to maximize your potential with this weapon type. Use these to gain a unique advantage on the battlefield.

Attack of Opportunity: With training, you can learn to take advantage of an opponent wherever they drop their guard. If an enemy within your reach leaves themselves open, you’ll be able to use a reaction to make an extra attack.

Reach extends your melee range, so you’ll be able to make attacks of opportunity against creatures even if they aren’t adjacent to you. This is great for keeping enemies at a distance and disrupting their actions.

Wild Wind Initiate: Taking this level 8 feat gives monks the ability to harness the power of wind to attack foes from afar. As a wild wind initiate, you’ll be able to enter the wild winds stance.

While in the wild winds stance, your monk can use waves of wind energy to attack an enemy up to 30 feet away. 

Moving into a wild winds stance requires using a Focus Point. Your monk will gain one focus point when they learn this feat.

Enlarge: One way to increase your reach is by using magic. With the enlarge spell, you can cause a creature to grow, increasing its reach in the process. When you enlarge a creature, its equipment and other gear also get bigger. 

Casting enlarge on a creature will increase its reach by 5 feet. The enlarged creature will also deal an extra 2 damage with its melee attacks. Enlargement isn’t without its downsides, however. The sudden growth leaves creatures a little woozy and they become clumsy 1.

Reaching Out

Reach weapons can be a powerful asset in any Pathfinder RPG campaign. They allow you to strike opponents from a distance, which can be crucial for defeating tougher enemies.

Choose the right reach weapon, and you’ll be better equipped to defeat any opponent that crosses your path.