Elf Name Generator: Plus 100 Names & Meanings by Elf Type (Pathfinder, RPGs)

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Krizdiss was a powerful elven archmage who specialized in defeating dragons. He fought and defeated many dragons over the years, but one dragon proved to be especially challenging. 

The white dragon Iceclaw was ferocious and cruel, and it seemed to get stronger with each passing day. Krizdiss knew that he had to put an end to the dragon’s reign of terror, but he also knew that it would not be easy. He would need to use all of his power and knowledge to defeat this dragon.

In elven culture, names are very important. They can signify a person’s rank, family lineage, or even personality.

When it comes to naming elves, there are many different options. You can go with a traditional name, or you can opt for a more unique name. 

There are also plenty of names that fall somewhere in between these two extremes. This list includes both male and female names, as well as their meanings. 

We hope you find the best name for your elf!

Elf Naming Conventions

Elves are known for their beauty, intelligence, and magical abilities. They are also known for their long lives. Many elves choose names that correspond with these qualities.

Elves keep a secret name that is only known by their family. Usually, elves give a nickname when dealing with strangers. 

Elves often change their nicknames as they age or if they have a major life event. The most popular elven names end in either “-el” or “ara,” but there are many other suffixes and prefixes that are used as well.

Many different types of elves live in the Inner Sea region. Some, like the woodland elves, live in grand forest-top cities and have access to powerful magic. The cavern elves, on the other hand, live in dark caves and tunnels underground, eking out a living in the deep places of Golarion.

Independence is a hallmark of elven culture. Many elves change occupations multiple times before settling on a path. During these times, elves often take on new nicknames to go along with their new identities.

Noble Elf Names

Among the elven nobility, certain names are seen as more prestigious than others. A grandiose name reflects the status and position of a noble elf.

Elven nobility is known for its beauty and elegance. Throughout elven history, there have been many famous elves with beautiful names. For example, the elven priestess Kyramara was  known for her beauty, as was the enchantress Aryalon.

Here are some of the most popular elven names for an elf of noble origins:

  • Alanthel (Noble Mind)
  • Diardon
  • Aryalon (Queen of the Cave Elves)
  • Amasianel
  • Mindathel (High Elf Mage)
  • Brynlon (King of Elves)
  • Lauceldlon
  • Arunelara (Patient One)
  • Kyramara
  • Diardon (Loyal)\

Brynlon (King of the Elves)

It was during the reign of King Brynlon that the great elven city of Arlathan was built. The city was a marvel of elven engineering and magic, and it soon became the center of elven culture and politics.

Mysterious Elf Names

To outsiders, elves are mysterious creatures. They are often seen as aloof and unapproachable. As such, many elves choose names with an air of mystery.

Not all elves are innocent. Some elves have a dark past or are involved in dangerous activities. These elves often choose a new name related to their dark deeds.

If there’s something mysterious about your elf, consider the following names:

  • Zomdelel
  • Mystara
  • Ilatriss
  • Immeradel
  • Tivara
  • Liadlara
  • Zevradon
  • Ennalara 
  • Kelorara
  • Iounra


Ilatriss had a knack for picking locks. No one knew where she came from or what her true motives were, but she always seemed to make an impression wherever she went. It was during the king’s feast that Ilatriss made her move and stole the royal jewels right out from under the noses of the king’s guards.

Religious Elf Names

Devout elves choose names based on their religious beliefs. These names might include references to the gods or other religious figures. Some elves choose names based on myths or legends.

You could name your cleric Farathel after a celebrated elven warrior priest. Farathel is famous for leading the elves to victory in the Battle of Dragon Mountain.

Other well-known religious elves include the elven priestess Adaira and the elven mage Jathell. Though they lived over a thousand years ago, these elves are still revered by many. 

  • Adaira (Witness of God)
  • Farathel (Servant of God)
  • Jathell (Defender of God)
  • Varyel (Worthy)
  • Tarael (Lion of God)
  • Roakelon
  • Otharal
  • Fonelra (Fair One)
  • Soralonadel
  • Soumathel

Fonelra the Fair

Another notable elf was Fonelra the Fair, a mighty champion who lived to serve her deity. She saved the forests of Kyonin from a terrible plague caused by the foul demon lord Deskari.

Nature Elf Names

For many elves, nature represents a source of comfort and solace. These nature-loving elves often choose names that are connected with the outdoors and the fair creatures who inhabit its spaces, including the woods, fields, oceans, and mountains. 

Many woodland elves become druids or rangers. These elves often choose names that are based on nature magic or inspired by myths and legends, the seasons, or other elements. 

Their names might also be inspired by the plants and animals found in the elves’ natural habitat.

  • Ariannara (Nature’s Essence)
  • Bryela (Beautiful One)
  • Dirael (Nature Born)
  • Ilphara (Water Lily)
  • Celendrel (Of The Woodlands)
  • Mirathel (Nature’s Fury)
  • Adonodel (Silver Moon)
  • Helstaciss (Star Dew)
  • Yalandrel (God of Nature)
  • Amadarnodel (Moon Flower)


Ariannara had always felt a strong connection to the natural world. Ever since she was a young elf, she had loved spending time in the forest. She felt at home among the trees and animals.

Badass Elf Names

You might want to choose a badass elf name for a warrior or high-level character who excels in combat or another skill. A badass elf name should project your character’s prowess in battle, their well-earned experience with magic, or other advanced qualities that make them a true badass.

A moniker like this may also fit a very brave or foolhardy elf who doesn’t shy away from dangerous tasks or who has a strong rebellious streak.

Other well-known badass elves include the elf warrior Calerunedrel and the elven mage Nyrastethel. These elves are known for their bravery in battle and their skill with magic.

  • Dardarelon 
  • Galynfall (Winter’s Whisper)
  • Heladel (Spring Warrior)
  • Prioria (Serpent’s Tongue)
  • Nyrastethel
  • Zordathel (Defender of Justice)
  • Kiralon (Ruler)  
  • Aelara (Wise One)
  • Calerunedrel (Mighty Warrior)
  • Quillanara (Ray of Sunlight)

Galynfall (Winter’s Whisper)

Long ago, a legendary rogue elf named Galynfall became famous for her daring heists and cunning escape plans. She was finally captured by the king’s guards, but not before she had stolen enough treasure to retire comfortably.

Magical Elf Names

Some names are more closely associated with magic than others. If you want your elf character to wield powerful magic, consider picking a name that is common among those who practice the arcane arts. This way, everyone will know that your character means business when it comes to magic.

If you want to emulate truly powerful magic, you can name your character after the great elven sorcerer, Krizdiss. Legend has it that Krizdiss single-handedly defeated a dragon when he was still an apprentice. 

  • Iztemel (Lord of Magic)
  • Krizdiss
  • Sedlon
  • Tristalon
  • Cilyara
  • Soumathar
  • Zeldelara (Elf Sorcereress)
  • Myriphdel
  • Talendel
  • Mekylistaciss (Starfire)


Iztemel, the lord of magic, lived over a millennia ago. He was said to be able to control the arcane forces with a mere thought. Today, his name is still spoken with reverence among those who study magic.

What’s in a Name?

While Iceclaw ravaged the northern kingdoms, Krizdiss searched the libraries for secrets to defeating the beast, only to learn that its name was the key to its power.

Many elves believe that names have great power. They choose their names carefully, often picking ones with special meaning. And so do other creatures, like dragons. 

After defeating the dragon, the name Krizdiss became legendary among the elves. Keep this in mind when selecting your name and pick carefully. If your deeds are truly great, a bard could be singing your praises for years to come!